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Telehealth provides a safe, quick, and convenient way to meet with your doctor from home, the office, or somewhere else entirely. It offers immediate access and saves you the hassle of fighting traffic or sitting in a waiting room. At superior health, family medicine physician Lisette Akers, MD, MBA, and her team offer telehealth visits to teens and adults. To make a virtual telehealth appointment in North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Georgia, or Florida, book online today.

Telehealth Q&A

A telehealth virtual visit will allow you to exchange medical information and provide treatment by using your phone, tablet, or computer. It provides an easy and affordable way to meet with your primary care physician (PCP), regardless of where you are. It also allows your PCP to monitor chronic conditions safely from your home.

Telehealth offers many benefits compared to traditional in-office visits. For one, it provides access to your doctor you might not be able to see otherwise. For example, if you live in a rural area, traveling to the city could take more than an hour. Telehealth prevents the need for a commute while providing access to quality health care.

If you are busy with work or school, you no longer have to take time off for your “doctors appointment” saving you time at work or having to make up school work.

If you have children or provide care for an elderly family member, telehealth offers convenience. Instead of your child having to miss time from school, having to find a babysitter, or scheduling someone to pick up your family member, you can simply schedule a virtual visit with the team at Superior Health. You can also join in on a virtual visit with your family member without having to travel so that you can still be present and up to date with their care.

Telehealth eliminates the need to lose precious time waiting around in a lobby and can circumvent in-person contact altogether.

  • Sick visits
  • Urgent Care visits
  • Remote Patient Monitoring(24/7 in-home monitoring & support)
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Mental Health and Wellness
  • Ordering labs
  • Review of lab tests, preventive screenings tests, and diagnostic imaging
  • Annual Preventative Visits
  • Weight Management & Nutrition Counseling
  • Prescription refills

If you have a complex issue that requires more individualized care, we can refer you to a specialist.

  • Addiction Treatment 
  • Chronic Pain Management 
  • Benzodiazepine treatments
  • Emergency Care including Chest pain/Seizures/Shortness of Breath/Stroke
  • Controlled Substance Use Disorders
  • Any condition that may require an in-person visit
  • Any Abortion related treatment
  • Possible Bone Fractures/Head Injuries
  • Psychiatric Conditions that need emergent in-person care such as thoughts of Suicide/Homicide/Hallucinations
  • Testosterone Hormone Replacement/Lifestyle medications
  • Hormone Replacement therapies for gender transitioning
  • We do not treat patients that are pregnant or think they may be pregnant

*If you have any concerning symptoms or an emergency situation, please call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Department

We are actively seeing patients that are located in New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. If you will physically be in one of these states at the time of your visit, we are able to give you Superior care. We are working diligently on expanding in order to further reach patients and provide much-needed care! 

Yes. To ensure Superior care, we want to make sure that we spend our energy focusing on your needs and an appointment allows for us to better serve you at your choosing. Contrary to other telehealth practices, you get to select who you feel most comfortable with and know with whom you are meeting, much like in conventional ways at the office.

Patients will need to select the state that they are currently in or will be in, on the day of their appointment. This will ensure that we match you with the right doctor that is licensed in your state. Otherwise, if you select the wrong state, this will result in us having to cancel your appointment and reschedule it with a different doctor that is licensed in your state.

You’ll have to reschedule that appointment for a new one in the state you’ll be traveling to.  We are expanding quickly and will offer to see our patients nationally. 

We are proud to be a paperless practice! Shortly after booking your appointment online, you will be sent a secure link that’ll ask you questions regarding your visit and to help us get to know you better. You’ll also need to sign necessary forms if this is your first visit, which are all done quickly, effeciently and electronically. Finally, you’ll also be given the option to register to our online secure patient portal.

No. Your time is one of the most valuable thing we honor and if you haven’t completed the questions pertaining to your scheduled visit BEFORE your visit, we will have to reschedule your appointment.  Why? Because we want to ensure we have alloted all of our energy to focus on your needs and not spend time on things that may take away from your visit.

Yes. Anytime after you’ve booked your appointment, it’s recommended to create a patient portal account. This is a secure way to communicate with your doctor 24/7 anytime before or after visits. You can also have access to your doctor’s notes, labs, and medication refill requests. 

To create a new patient portal, click on Register for Patient Portal and then click on “Sign up”. This will also be sent to you with your confirmation email. 

You’ll be prompted to check in to your appointment via text or email. You’ll be invited to join and then simply start your secure virtual visit through our patient portal. 

At Superior Health, the team tailors telehealth visits to each individual’s needs. Depending on the issue that you’re experiencing, your provider might ask you to point your web camera at a specific part of your body. For example, if you twisted your ankle, they might ask to see it for bruising, redness, or swelling.

If you need blood work to monitor your medical conditions or for a diagnosis, your doctor will send the lab order directly to your nearest LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics.  You don’t have to do anything but choose a location near you and schedule to get your labs drawn. Your results will come back to your doctor who will review them but you will also be able to log in to your “MySuperiorLogin” and check on the results as well. 

Your doctor can send in your prescription anywhere you’d like for them to do so. Before your visit, you’ll be asked to give us your preferred pharmacy, so we’ll have that information ready. 

Absolutely! If we’ve been treating your chronic condition and it is indicated to do so, we’ll be happy to send you 90-day prescriptions so that you don’t have to travel so often. We can also send them to your mail-order pharmacy. 

Just like at the doctor’s office, we recommend you notify us first to determine if you need a follow-up appointment or not. If we recommend you schedule a follow-up appointment, then there will be a regular charge for that visit.

If a telehealth appointment doesn’t provide enough insight into your condition, your Superior Health provider might ask you to have an in-person visit and assist you in finding an urgent care or clinic near you. If you need to see a specialist, we will send a referral for you to find one nearest your location.

It will depend case-by-case and we will notify you once that is reviewed.  

Yes. Telehealth services are covered by medical insurance, but everyone’s policies vary and may be an “out of network” claim. Medicare part B does cover services rendered by Telehealth. Any services outside of coverage will be paid out of pocket.  We are happy to announce that we are in the process of adding more major Commercial Health Plans to our practice. 

We currently accept:

  • BCBS/Florida Blue (FL)
  • Aetna (NC)
  • Traditional Medicare & Medicare supplements(in all states)
  • Medicaid (NC)
  • Cigna (NC & FL)
  • Medcost (NC)
  • Tricare (NC, SC, GA, FL)

Your visits can be paid out of “pre-tax” dollars from your Health Savings account or as an “expense” through a business but we recommend you consult your accountant for more specific details. 

If you have questions about what yours does or doesn’t cover, contact your medical insurance provider before making an appointment at Superior Health.

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